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Why choose Cloud VPS?

Yocta’s Cloud VPS can be ready in minutes, it offers flexible plans.

Full Root Access

Our service lets the client have a full root access to their VPS

Processing power

We have the latest-gen Intel processors ensuring the fastest processing

99.9% Uptime

Yocta’s Cloud infrastructure gives maximum uptime to VPS

Cloud VPS FAQs

Yocta take care of security, monitoring, backups and more so you can focus on your Web applictions.

What is VPS Hosting?
  • VPS Hosting is just a virtual remote server shared by operators; the setup is much the same as a common physical server hosting manifold accounts. Virtual private servers’ host less users than their bodily counterparts, and with cloud skill dismissal ensures data admission through a unified process that supplies data across an array of bodily servers.

What is semi managed server?
  • A semi-managed virtual server is the finest and suggested option for all users who need some further help to achieve their virtual server. A semi-managed VPS could also be a decent choice for all those who are observing for a Linux VPS hosting that is more reasonable than a fully managed VPS service

What is un managed server
  • In an unmanaged VPS environment, the entire server management and the errands of necessary configuration and management of the virtual server are accountability of the end user. Users essential to have some information in administration of Linux servers. The security of an unmanaged virtual server is completely the user’s duty as well.

What is fully managed server
  • in full managed server, Yocta will install OS, hosting panel and provide your full technical support with Dedicated Team with Unlimited Server Admin Services

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