School Management


₹10000.00 /Mo
  • 100GB Server
  • One time setup fees ₹50000.00


  • 300GB Server
  • One time setup fees ₹50000.00

Why Choose School Management?

Our online Learning Management system enabling educators to create their own private website filled with dynamic courses that extend learning, any time, anywhere. Whether you're a teacher, student or administrator, yocta can meet your needs. yocta’s extremely customisable core comes with many standard features. Take a look at a highlight of yocta's core features below.

General Features

Modern, easy to use interface

Personalised Dashboard

Collaborative tools and activities

All-in-one calendar

Convenient file management

Simple and intuitive text editor


Track progress

Administrative Features

Customisable site design and layout

Secure authentication and mass enrolment

Multilingual capability

Bulk course creation and easy backup

Manage user roles and permissions

Supports open standards

High interoperability

Simple plugin management

Regular security updates

Detailed reporting and logs

Course Development and Management Features

Direct learning paths

Encourage collaboration

Embed external resources

Multimedia Integration

Group management

Marking workflow

In-line marking

Peer and self assessment

Integrated Badges

Outcomes and rubrics

Competency based marking

Security and privacy

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Yocta take care of security, monitoring, backups and more so you can focus on your Web applications.

Yocta's SMS is a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators, and learners with a single robust, secure, and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.

Yes, you can backup a Yocta's School Management system, we offer backup server options.

Yes, student data is safe and stored on highly secured servers in India.

It does not take a great deal of skill or computer knowledge to use Yocta's School Management system. With basic web browsing and editing skills, students (and teachers) can use Yocta's School Management system instantly!