Why Yocta's SMO is good for your business?

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc has a large number of followers. Therefore, these days, these platforms have been widely used for promoting products and services. SMO is considered to be the best platform for sharing your words to a larger number of target customers or clients. In other words, SMO is defined as a process through which you can increase the awareness about your product and services, brands, events etc on social media sites to make it more viral.

  • Social media optimisation or SMO includes social media sites, RSS feeds, bookmarking sites, social news, videos and blogging etc. Before knowing how Yocta's SMO is good for your business, we will make you understand what is social media marketing?
  • Social Media marketing can be defined as the way through which you can increase traffic on your website with the help of social media sites. There are a large number of social media marketing companies in the market that offer you such services. They have expert called Social Media Manager who use social media management tools to direct potential customers to your website. Yocta is one of the online marketing companies providing SMO. Here, we are sharing some of the points regarding why Yocta's SMO is good for your business.

Profile Optimization

One of the most important ways through which you can do social media advertisement is by optimising profiles on social media sites. Your background image and profile picture must be impressive and should be according to your business.

Yocta does the above on your behalf. It time-to-time improves the profile of your social media sites. In addition to this, it makes sure that link of your website is being included on your social media page.

Image Creation

Images speak more than the words do. These eye catchy images will catch attention of your followers and let them follow your page for the next subsequent posts.

The biggest news for you is that now you don’t need to pay high to get the best results. Yocta has the best social media advertising package for you. Graphical designing is the part of this. Yocta has a team of graphical designing experts who create good images for social media promotion.

Blog Submission and high-quality back links

Yocta helps to create blog post or content for your post so that you can gain more traffic and form some high-quality backlinks for your website.

Weekly Reporting

Forming a proper social media strategy is very important part of social media marketing. For this, you need to check time-to-time regarding how your social media pages are performing. Therefore, you need to reports of your social media pages on different social sites.

Yocta does this for you. Yocta generates weekly reports of your social media pages so that every time when you make social media marketing strategy, what kind of result you are getting. If the results are not fruitful, you can change the strategy.

Social Bookmarking

This is the way through which the net surfers search, store, manage and share web links of your web pages as bookmarks. These bookmarks are generally public and other members can also check these links when they have any such requirements.

Groups Joining

Facebook groups are generally created for those who share their mutual interest. When you join groups, you get a golden opportunity to share awareness about your business, products and services, offers etc. This is the way through which you can organically increase likes on your page by sharing links of your page or website.

Yocta utilises this social media marketing strategy to promote your business on regular basis.


You must have seen a large number of reviews on some Facebook pages, comments and blogs and then, have wondered regarding from where they have received reviews? Yocta does this for you. Yocta writes reviews on your social media sites, blogs and pages etc. This will attract your potential customers to your businesses.

Brand Management

Brand Management can be defined as an art of creating a ba rand. In other words, it can be defined as the positioning of the brand and delivering brand.

Social Account Management

Managing social media accounts is an art. Many of you go for social media marketing courses so that you can learn social media marketing strategy to promote your social sites. But what if someone else does this for you without any pain.

Yocta does this for you. Yocta manages your Social media accounts.

Content Creation

It is very important for you to create engaging posts on your social media pages. By content creation, you identify new topics, decide how to utilise this content, formulate the strategy and then implement it. Yocta creates and utilises this content in different forms like video, blog, eBook, advertisement, Tweet etc.


Yocta keeps on increasing likes on your page either organically or through paid promotions. It also replies to the comments made by any visitor on the page. This helps you in engaging your posts.

Retweeting is also an important way in utilising the content to increase your followers and build a brand.

Posting the content and graphics

If you are looking to increase the activity on your social media pages, then, you must increase the activity on these pages by either posting some content or attractive images as per the nature of your business. Yocta creates engaging posts in the form of either content or graphics.

These posts are made after doing proper research like the taste of the audience, the requirements of the audience, what competitors are serving etc. Therefore, SMO services provided by Yocta helps in bringing business in this way.

Classified Submission

It is the process through which you make the world aware about the nature of your business and the services which you provide. Yocta promotes your business by creating ads in classified submission sites.


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