Yocta web hosting features

We know that many of you must be a beginner and looking for the best web hosting provider. But there are very few companies providing the best and cheap web hosting services. Yocta is one of them. In this article, we will share some of the features of Yocta web hosting features. Here we go.

Cheap web hosting plans

Yocta is one of the best web hosting providers not only in Mumbai but in all over the India, providing cheap web hosting plans that will meet all your requirements. These plans come in six packages: Basic, Standard, Professional, Business, Advance and Gold.

Best cloud hosting

Yocta assures you to deliver the best cloud hosting services that will come in your pocket size. It customises the features like security, resources, measurability and server administration as per your budget and requirements.

24x7x365 Assistance

In case, you find any kind of trouble, you can contact the assistance team of Yocta for their support.

Easy installation of SSL

As you know that SSL Certificates are in high demand these days, Yocra offers hassle-free installation of SSL.

Website Migrations

If you are looking to shift your website to another server, then, Yocta is the right choice for this.

Speedy websites

Websites created and maintained by Yocta decreases the turn out time for each page. This increases the footfall on your website.

Free cPanel

Yocta also provides Linux Hosting with cPanel so that it can meet all your requirements.


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