Why Yocta is the best domain name Registrars?

Most of you must have come across with the domain name. Domain name is your address to your website. To run your website you need to have your own website domain. Therefore, Domain Registration is very important for you before you go for website designing. Here, comes the role of Domain Registrars.

 You can say that domain registrars are those companies that are responsible for registering your domain name and managing your website.Choosing the right domain registrar is very important for you as most of the time you get tricked. Yocta is the best domain name registrar providing cheap domain registration services to you. Before sharing some of the points to justify that why Yocta is the best domain registrar, let's have a look on what is a domain name registrar?

 Domain Name Registrar

 Domain name registrars are the companies which help you in Domain Name Registration. All domain names are registered under the name of ICANN (International Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers). Domain names have made your reach to your websites very easy. You need not have to type long digits of IP address in order to visit your websites. With the help of Domain names, you can select easy words which you can remember as your domain names.For example www.yocta.com. To make domain easily available to you, ICANN has given rights to companies such as Yocta to serve you aa a domain registrar.

 What domain registrars do?

Domain names are recorded registry which is a centralised database. To recognise your domain name, it is important to add it in database with all related information. A domain registrar helps you in providing you with all the easy tools with the help of which you can make changes using a web browser. 

Yocta is the best domain name registrars 

Let's check why Yoctais the best domain name registrars. Here, we are sharing some of the features which is sufficient enough to support the fact. 

·     Domain Expiration Policies

As you know that Domain names are generally registered for a particular time period. But what if it gets expired after that period. You need to renew your domain name before it gets expired. If you forget to renew it, then, anyone else can register. 

Sometimes, it becomes very hectic for you to remember your renewal date. What if someone else does this for you? Yocta sets up automatic updates for renewing your domain name. It reminds you before the last day of renewing your Domain Name Registration. Yocta also provides you a grace period during which you can renew your domain name. 

·      Add-on Services 

It is also very important for you to know what other add on services your domain name registrar. You may not need these services at one time but you may need these services in future. Yocta is the best domain name registrar that provides you Add on services like extended expiration policy, domain privacy, domain parking etc.

 Domain Transfers Policy 

Do you know that you can transfer your domain name from one registrar to another. If you are unhappy with your domain registrar, then, Yocta offers you an option where you can transfer your domain from another registrar to Yocta.This is possible only after 60 days of registration.

Pricing and Period of Registration

 The very first thing which must come in your mind should be the price. If you are getting the service at lower price, then, you can save this money and utilise it at somewhere else in your business. Some of the domain registrars offer low price for the very first year but the renewal prices offered by them can be little higher.

But this is very different for Yocta. With Yocta you can buy cheap domain. You can either select your domain registering for 1 year or 2 years, depending upon your budget and requirements.

Hidden Fees

To earn more profit, it is very important for you to cut your cost. While going for your website designing, you must be looking for someone who can offer domain name registration at low cost and no hidden fees. Hidden fees can somewhere affect your business at one or other stage. Therefore, it is important for you to check hidden fees before you sect a domain registrar for your business.Yocta provides cheap domain registration. This is because you don’t get any hidden fees.

Live Chat Support 

You would be happy to know thatYocta provides customer support along with web hosting services. With the help of live chat support you can get quick solution to your problems.


You must know that a registrar should be trust worthy and should provide more security. You can check its trustworthiness by checking reviews of existing customers.Yocta provides you secure web hosting services. You can checkYoctareviews on its website or its social media sites.

Control Panel

This can be one of the most important features for selecting any domain registrar. If you have easy handling control panel, then, setting up domain becomes very easy to you. It also saves your time. This time you can utilise in some other work.

How does Yocta works? 

As you know that to run your website, you need to host it on a server. The IP Address of every computer is unique. If you want your users to find your website, your computer must know the IP Address. How will you feel if you have to type long string of numbers to visit your website? It must be difficult. Right?

Therefore, Domain is like address of your website. Yocta has a team of dedicated professionals who are experienced in designing your website and maintaining your website. In case, if you get any technical issue related to your domain registration or website hosting you can contact Yocta service team. You can get 24x7 assistance from the team and resolve your problem. So, if you are finding domain name registrar for your website, then contact Yocta.


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