What is the difference between a domain name and web hosting?

Most of you must be thinking to start your own website but we know that you are not much aware of how to start it. There is a very common question which you must not be knowing “What is the difference between web hosting and domain name?” Web hosting and domain name are two sides of a coin. These always go together. Before knowing the difference between the two, let's know what is web hosting and domain name?

Domain Name

A domain name can be known as the website address of your company on the internet. When a visitor searches your website name in their web browser, the domain name is decoded to a specific web host address. The web host address can be represented by IP.

Domain Registration is very easy. If you are looking to get Domain Name Registration for your website, then, buy a cheap domain from Yocta.com. In most of the cases, domain name costs a certain amount and it needs to be renewed after every 2 years.

Benefits of Domain Name Registration

• Easy to remember –A domain name is very important, therefore, a good domain should be easy to remember.

• Helps in branding –If your domain name is short and easy, it helps in building a better brand.

• Establishing a business identity – Your domain name should be such that can tell something about your business. This is very important.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting service can be known as the internet hosting service that helps you in making your website and be available all around the world. Web Hosting service provider like Yoctaprovides you Internet service. The time duration which the web host server takes to connect to the internet is called uptime.

Companies that provide web hosting service rent some amount of space on their server and for this, they charge some fee from you. Web hosting server helps you in accessing your website anytime your user login your website. 

There are a large number of web hosting services that are provided by web hosting companies. Some of them are as follows:-

Shared Web Hosting –This is a type of web hosting service where one web server is required to handle many websites. In other words, you can handle multiple websites with the help of one server. Most of the companies like Yocta provide cheap web hosting services. Such web hosting plans are generally recommended for websites of smaller size.

Dedicated web hosting - Dedicated web hosting server is a web hosting server which is meant and dedicated for a particular organization. Dedicated web hosting server provides a number of benefits like security, high performance, control, email stability etc.

Reseller hosting- Reseller web hosting server is a kind of web hosting server that helps you to buy hard disk space and hosting the websites for other companies. 

Cloud hosting - It is somewhat like VPS Web Hosting. The biggest advantage of cloud hosting is that it is highly scalable. It also combines a large number of computers into a single server.

VPS Hosting – VPS or Virtual Private Server is a web hosting that provides web hosting services to a large number of the computer but work as a separate Virtual machine for each. It is in between shared web hosting and dedicated web hosting. VPS is more stable and reliable than shared web hosting server. One of the most important benefits of VPS Server is that it is highly flexible and helps you in customizing your environment. VPS is also highly scalable.

Now, you must be clear about domain name web hosting. Let's check what are the differences between a domain name and web hosting.

Benefits of web hosting

Reliable –Yocta provides a web hosting service that is very reliable.

Data management –web hosting service helps you in getting a complete control on the management of the content.

Email and Domain –To build your brand, it is important for you to have your professional email ID and this is not possible without domain name.

Data recovery –web hosting server also helps you in securing your data by regular backups.

Difference between a Domain Name and Web Hosting

Let’s make you understand the difference between Domain name and web hosting in the simplest way. Suppose, you own a house, then, domain name can be known as the address of your house and web hosting can be known as the actual house that you own. 

Suppose you want to visit a website, then, it needs a particular IP address. IP address represents the location on the server. Thus, domain represents your IP address. Users can easily reach to your website by simply typing your Domain Name on their website.IP Address is a series of number. As, it is difficult for you to remember the number, the domain name was developed. Domain name is very specific, hence, no two websites can have same domain name. Registering on domain name confirms a specific internet address to your website. This also protects your domain name and no one else can use it. With the help of domain name, you can also utilise your official email services.

On the other hand, web hosting helps you in getting a server that is very much powerful. This helps you in getting connected with high speed internet. The web hosting company manages, maintains, configures and upgrades your server.

You can also note that it is not possible for users to search any website without domain name. If you are looking for the best domain  where you can get cheap domain, then, Yocta is the right solution for you where as web hosting service let you upload your files and folders. With the help of web hosting server you can set up domain name and make your website live. 

It is also important for you to know that a domain name is required for purchasing web hosting but for purchasing domain name, you don’t need web hosting.

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