What is the best and cheapest domain name provider?

Online presence goes step by step; you have to follow a certain set of process in order to create your website online. Internet played a major role in supporting these website developments, designing, marketing but the initial process is buying a hosting and then domain vice versa. There are organizations that offer hosting services also provide free domain to their customers.

Every website need a snappy memorable domain name and this may a daunting job to come up with a new striking name but once you have one you’ll need to register that name with a domain registrar or provider before using it online.

Choosing a registrar for your business is difficult because of cut-throat competition between 100 companies and facing several issues to consider. One of the important factors is pricing this structure can be complicated like a low headline figure could become expensive on renewal, for instance. Domain extensions prices vary so maybe a dealer who is offering great value for a .com domain might give you a poor offer on when it comes to .org.

If you already have a domain and looking for transferring to another registrar then don’t because it may cost you extra and if you do so then read the small print carefully before signing it. There is no such to have the domain and hosting service provider same you can go differently but many domain registrars offer as an extra.

Go for service providers that prevent your addresses, phone number, and email addresses appealing as public contact details for the domain and these preventions will save your website and emails from getting spammed. These options are very well taken in account by WHOIS for a free or certain amount charged.

Service providers have different plans and schemes providing you various services like buying hosting and getting a domain for free and that’s the cheapest option. You may be looking for the cheapest domain provider but free is not always good but when flipping the side there are many reputable companies who are proving you the attractive offers in low-cost or even free domain names at the time of your first website development. So you have to make a purchase to get something free in hand.

Before making any conclusion, review most budget-friendly and reputable websites/places that provide you with the best domain name. This is simply balancing the priorities, which is tricky but here is the help to get you in the right direction.

1.BlueHost – First in the list is BlueHost with a great budget for those who are looking to develop a new website or blog, it provides you chargeable host but free domain authority for a year and it also supports WordPress hosting as well, now one of the important considerations. 

2.Namecheap.com – One of the good options for registering a domain name. It‘s a place where you can have domain names but not necessarily a hosting though it does offer hosting services. Most people choose two boats to run along i.e. for the domain name they choose ‘Namecheap’ but for hosting they choose BlueHost. This is a wonderful combination for your website.

3.GoDaddy – Famous, a widely used and widely searched platform that offers hosting and domain facilities both. It has a vast advertising budget and national ads, it is the world largest domain registrar managing millions of customers around the globe. The prices a bit competitive that you may face with numerous options for up-sells and add-ons but the purchasing way is little bouncy. With experience, it is suggested to stick with GoDaddy’s regular domain purchase and leave all add-ons; which may make the domain purchase a bit costly.

4.HostGator.com – One of the most popular web host amongst the newcomers to online marketing. They have a little costly domain name and they don’t provide for free definitely but when purchased with the package of hosting it’s a great deal i.e. getting your hosting accounts and domain registrar at one place i.e. building a one stop for all your needs. Though its hosting service is good it is suggested to go for domain name somewhere else.

5.Domain.com –It’s a very subtle and cheap domain package domain service provider with a cost of around 700 INR a year. It is the best value for money domain provider with lots of offer in lowest price. Domain.com supports various payment modes like PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express making it easy for people to use.

6.Name.com- One of the industry standard cheap domain service provider and they charge on yearly like others and the domain they offers are .com, .org, .net with a cost of 1000 INR/year. They offer great support, cheap registration and their best host experience so, get your domain register here. They may not be way cheap but they do have flexible domain name plans completely settling with your business.

7.1and1.com- It is another company widely spread through aggressive national advertising campaigns and ads.  It’s appropriate for any type of business and charges an annual fee of 80 INR/year and the next year it is 1000 INR/year. Good services to begin with and hold on for its best services.

8.Hostway.com –It is domain service provider whose marketing is a primarily little low though it is the business from last 17 years. The company holds the hosting of trusted and popular brands like Samsung, Wix and Fox news. Good money investment and it charges a nominal price of about 900 INR to 1000 INR/year and additionally they do offer hosting services with limited or no discounts.

A quick tip to keep in mind with every service provider you are dealing with and follow the instruction given below:-

1.Considering the pricing and value thoroughly

2.Make sure you are going through an ICANN-registered registrar

3.Check out the hidden fees and also the fees of transferring

4.Do check if they are providing you email forwarders/ email accounts or not 

5.Policies of domain transfer must be checked.

So these are the domains that will provide you and your business with the best services and best domain names within your reach of budget. So here are the options for you to buy domain names from these domain service providers. 


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