What are the different types of Hosting services?

When developing a site, a dependable hosting service is required to keep the site running. There are distinctive kinds of hosting services for you to look over and the sort of services you consider will rely upon your necessities and spending plan. It is necessary to have a thought regarding the hosting choices accessible to you.Finding the right host for your site isn’t simple. You have to consider a lot of factors. Even with the list of best web hosting services, you will be stuck with the question that which kind of hosting is right for your site? Through this, you will realize which type of hosting will make your site successful. 

Free Hosting

If you are building a site for the sake of entertainment, you may think about free/ cheap web hosting services as a choice. In any case, it accompanies a proviso since free hosting services implies that the speed is moderate and the site will regularly encounter downtime. Ever gone over advertising banners on some of the websites you visit? This is the thing that precisely your site visitors are going to experience if you choose free hosting services. These banners are naturally added to your site. If it’s all the same to you these few weaknesses, at that point free hosting suits you.

Shared Hosting

This kind of hosting includes at least two site proprietors sharing one server. You will share the product applications and physical server with different proprietors. However, it is a reasonable option, despite everything it has some drawbacks and one of which is its moderate speed. It is the cheapest option and is best suited for small sites with low traffic. 

Devoted Hosting

If you need to run your site on one committed server without being irritated by advertisement banners, devoted hosting is perfect for you. With this sort of website hosting services Mumbai, you will almost certainly appreciate quicker execution as you get the opportunity to appreciate the whole server. Since your site is controlled by dedicated hosting services, this implies you have sole obligation in paying for the expense of activity on the whole server. These choices work best for sites that require a lot larger amount of security.

With a dedicated plan you can customize your server to some extent. You can select the type of RAM and its quantity, hardware and OS to run on your server. Just hire a server admin to handle all management for funneled activities to enhance the success rate of your site. 

Collocated Hosting

You should purchase your own server if you pick collocated hosting. Your server will be housed at a web host's offices. Just rent space in the rack of data center and use their bandwidth, IP and power. Collocated hosting has its own favorable position and one of which is that you increase full control of the server. You can even introduce applications and contents you require.

It is pretty similar to a dedicated server, except that you do not get to acquire the hardware. Being your own server, you can do anything you want without any restrictions. But because you don’t own the hardware, so if it fails you need to replace it at your own expense. Colocation is expensive in comparison to the other web hosting form because you invest in the hardware. 

Virtual Private Server Hosting

If you are looking for an upgrade from shared hosting, then VPS Server will balance you out. Though it still requires shared space with others but it doesn’t follow the typical traditional way. With VPS hosting a guest machine is started for every new user. Thus, the benefit is that one user cannot use more than the resource amount they have been allocated, ensuring that other sites do not suffer. They are highly flexible and permit you to configure your own environment. Another advantage is that it is simple to scale up. So, if you need new resources, then you just have to modify the settings and you may get it. 

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting is very much like Virtual Private Server. It gives you access to a gigantic network of serves and then use sources depending on your requirement without any problem to service. It means that in cloud hosting, you will never run out of resources, no matter how big your site is. Apart from scalability, another advantage of Cloud hosting is that it is more effective in securing your website from DDoS attacks. With a cloud based hosting service, the network will be available at your fingertips and you can face big attacks.

Self-service web hosting

As the name suggests, it is a fully DIY hosting form. You purchase the server, install as well as configure it, make sure backups are done and render cooling to prevent the servers from melting. As per your need, you can create a small data center which will need hardware, place and staff to function. 


Selecting a hosting plan could be a daunting task, especially when you lok at the additional services every hosting server is rendering. The very first step is to select the type of hosting you need for your website. Once you know which hosting will work best for you, you can look out for additional services. 

If you are a beginner, you should go for a shared hosting package. It is a cost efficient option and is more proficient in comparison to free hosting and provides you with everything that you require while beginning your journey of website hosting. Check out reviews, testimonials and recommendations to find out what suits your purpose the best. Do not forget to keep the prices of every hosting service package in mind while taking your decision. After shortlisting the companies, you can go for a trial run first. It may require a little investment of your money and time, but surely you will find out whether a specific host is a good for you or not. So, go ahead!


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