How to set up a website domain and hosting

As the world is getting digitalised, you must not keep yourself away from this digital world. Digitalisation has brought the whole world in your hand. It has made easy availability of products and services, that were quite difficult in the past. Therefore, competition has been growing each day. To show your presence digitally, you need a proper website where you can showcase your products and services and can reach to a larger number of potential customers.Now, how to start your own website can be an important question which must be boggling your mind. For this, you need a Domain Name and web hosting services. In this article, we will discuss how to set up your own website domain and hosting.

We know that many of you must not be aware about domain name. You can say that a domain name is the web address where the surfers can visit your website, for example or A domain name uses a number of extensions like .com, .in, .net etc. But you should keep in mind that your domain name must be registered before you use it. Domain name is always unique as no two websites have same website domain.

Domain Name Registration

To get a domain name, you must go for Domain Registration. Now, you must be wondering how to do domain registration. These can be done easily by taking services from Yocta. Yocta is a web hosting company that provides cheap domain registration in comparison to others providing the same services. So, once you buy a cheap domain from Yocta, leave all your worries to Yocta. Yocta will design the best website for you as per your requirements and will assist you until your website is live.

One of the major benefits of Domain Name Registration is that you can directly be the owner of domain legally. This domain name can be initially registered for either one year or two years. After that, you have extended it for next year. Here, we are sharing some step-by-step instruction for domain name registration.

• You must think about a few interesting attractive domain names. Don’t think a single name because what will you do if someone has already taken that domain name. So, keep your options open. 

• Contact Yocta for assistance. Yocta will help you in purchasing the domain name for you.

• Keep all your details like email id, under who’s name domain will be purchased, password etc ready with you. These things will be required if you want to get the domain name purchased with your mail id.

• Share the link with the Yocta team. Now, after final confirmation, your domain name has been registered for you. Here, we will again like to add that Yocta provides cheap domain registration services.

Website Hosting

We think that you must be now clear regarding what is a Website and how to set up a domain name. Now, let’s check what is website hosting. Web Hosting can be defined as a service through which you can post any web page or a website on the internet. For this you need a web hosting company that can create and maintain your website. Web hosting service provider like Yocta serves you with the best services and technologies that are needed to maintain the website.

Websites are generally hosted and stored on computers called servers. When any Internet user wants to check your website, then, all they need to do is type your web address on Internet. There can be different types of web hosts like shared or dedicated web hosts. This depends upon your requirements. If you are looking for web hosting service providers then, there are a large number of players in this sector but finding the right web hosting service provider can be little difficult. Yocta serves you with the best web hosting services and that too at cheap rates.

Now, let's have a look on how to set up website hosting.

Choose a web host

You must know that it is important for you to identify your best web hosting option but this can be little tricky. This is because it completely depends upon you what to pick like whether you need dedicated, shared or VPS Web Hosting plan.

Let us explain little about these web hosting plans so that you can pick the right plan as per your requirements. Shared web hosting plan is relatively affordable and user friendly in comparison to other plans. Shared hosting plan offers web hosting plans to a large number of customers on same server. Therefore, it is cheaper.Although dedicated web hosting plan is little expensive but it offers a large number of services like higher security and reliability, performance, storing massive data etc. If you are looking to get web hosting plan, then, contact Yocta.

• Register a Domain Name

Once you select a web hosting plan, then, your next step is to register a domain name. You can register your domain name by taking domain registration services from Yocta. This is good for you to keep everything under same roof, thus, making the process more simple.Before registering your domain name, it is important for you to choose a domain name. To build a good brand, your domain should be effective, short, easy to pronounce, clear, intuitive, not a trademark etc.

• Choose a web design

Your website is your mirror. It means that if your website looks attractive and user friendly, then, it reflects that how much your professional is your business. In addition to this, if your website is attractive, then, it will attract a large number of potential customers.Website designing along with content management is very important for a standard website. Your content should be as per SEO so that it can get a ranking in Google. Yocta serves you with this purpose. Yocta has a team of content management who can create your content as per your requirements and which can attract your customers.


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