How to register a .com domain for free?

Internet has become one of the most powerful supports that give voice and presence to any individual and an organization. Website is that way through which you can bring you services and talent in focus. Currently there are many services provider who offer their commercial domains but having your personal domain name is the best choice. As owing the domain provides complete ownership and complete control of services and presentation you want to offer.

  • You can choose for the best and look for the best with your own best suggestions to look over and do what you need. So this is the simple and brief understanding of domain but what is actually domain read out below. Before guiding you the steps understand the basics of domain, hosting and their different kind of features.
  • Domain is the first step for an individual and organization’s online presence and it is unique identification which consists of alphabets and numbers. Audience will always require a unique name that is easily searchable and very important to have it on their tip of tongue and if you are keeping an IP address as your domain name then nobody is attracted and interested.
  • Brands are created and remembered by name not by long-lengthy unspeakable words. Some of the few examples of easy and simple names are: - Google, yahoo, microfinance, abc etc. You have always seen the website in some set of order and it comprises of two or more parts, separated by a “.” Dot. Additionally, letters are available in the end after the dot that is referred to as the “suffix”.

Earlier there were very few domains i.e. suffixes utilized by everyone but nowadays there are multiple domains that are published every week. Some were hold-back for special businesses and organization. So look at these famous domains for instance:

1  .com – meant for commercial businesses and companies

2  .net – preference of choice is by Internet Service Providers and also used by networks

3. .org –domain is for NGOs i.e. non-profit organization

Nowadays there is no restriction for anyone business and organization to use restricted domain names. The best part is domain are not even restricted to any country, sector or industry so, don’t go for commercial websites have your own website preferably .com will be best as it will create brand and goodwill for your business. Without no doubt it is one of the most selected domain and it also have high recall value and also building a best first impression.  Do remember that it affects SEO and thus bring your website in more search results.

  • With the passing time the number of purchasing domains has increased and reports from various authors will support my comment. So moving on not everyone have much financial support to buy and present their business so for them free domain is the best option.
  • What is free domain? An online presence or domain where you don’t have to pay for the annual fee and you can have this from the registrar or internet service provider. There are multiple organization and businesses that provide these services of hosting and domain names but it is necessary to register your domain name with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).
  • You don’t need to worry about these registrations as they are well taken care by the service provider you go for. But why it is necessary is because they supervises the functioning of the domain name registrars and severs acting as an arbiter between customers and registrars (amuch unknown fact to the business owners).
  • Free domain is a different subject but before that about a normal .com domain cost from INR 65 to 1000 and these amounts varies according to the domain registrars as they offer discount to their new or special customers. After the purchase of domain name it is valid for one year after which you will have to renew it, failing which the domain expires and can then be purchased by other users.
  • After learning the paid process and cost of domain registration here is the quick guide for free domain registration. So first thing first for the users that you have to be tech savvy for getting this free opportunity as there are currently no online service that provides a free .com domain name.

Be blog friendly and write a blog about a web hosting company and submit it to receive a coupon that will provide you 100% free .com domain. The coupon you receive has a value of up to 700 INR but you are having it for free so just redeem it.

Steps you have to follow:-

1.       Visit the

2.       Read carefully the term and conditions they offer and then click on domain.

3.       Prefer or search for the host which will like to review by scrolling down the pages and finding it towards the end.

4.       Read other reviews and then write your own and add on your experiences.

5.       Next step submit your review on the website.

6.       After the submission of the review, you have to wait for a month to receive your coupon or You will receive your voucher at the start of the month after your review is published. For example, you have submitted the review in the February month your will receive your coupon in the month of March.

7.       After you receive your coupon you are ready to use and it is 100% free.

If wandering for more options you can also choose the websites like and HostGator as do offer for one year free domain name.

This process requires a lot of time and your business are going to start so what you can opt for is choosing hosting and domain services from one singular service provider. As they offer a chargeable hosting but free domain name. This option can be carried forward but don’t forget to renew it after its completion or you can also choose for automatically renewing your domain name at the end of its term. Use this simple guide for creating your website with domain registration.



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