Domain registration from Yocta

While getting your Domain Registered by Yocta which is based in Mumbai, you can avail various facilitations.

1.Reliability at its best

You can rely on Yocta fully for your domain registration as it is a government registered company. While taking the services from this company, you won’t have to worry about the fraud, all thanks to the certification it has obtained.

2.Set up a free Email account

Get fraud and virus free personalized Email addresses that too without any extra cost, only with Yocta.

3.DNS management as mandatory part

You ought to reduce human errors while editing the data and that is only possible with the effective management of DNS. At Yocta, you will provide with DNS service that will let you do better management for records and infrastructure on a global basis.

4.Domain theft Protection for safety

Do you know your domain name can be transferred accidentally or intentionally? You need the protection of the anti-theft for this purpose as well. And, that you can get at our Domain registration service.

5.Mail forwards free of cost

Redirecting new email accounts to the existing accounts and creating free forwards of the mail is easy with the yocta. The best part is, it is completely free.

6.Bulk Tool for help

Yocta provides to effective and easy bulk tools for the ultimate facilitation. One can transfer, renew, and make changes to the domain name with quick steps.

7.Use the control panel easily

The control panel of our services is quite easy and intuitive at the same time. Configure and manage your domain name with the control panel’s easy steps. You can also buy more services from there.

8.Domain forwarding

You can point your domain name to other websites easily with the help of domain forwarding. It is possible to redirect users to another website when they search for your name in the space for the domain name.


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