Backup/Restore (6)

Tutorial on how to take a backup, Restore backup.

cPanel - Control Panel (12)

How to reset cPanel Password, Filemanager, Cronjobs, Style, etc

Data Center TIer 4 (1)

What is Data Center Tier 4 ,Pros,Cons

Databases (13)

About how to Create, Edit, Delete Database or Database Username in cPanel

DNS - Nameserver (6)

Update Domain Nameserver on, Namecheap, Godaddy, DynaDot, LogicBoxes Based Registrar

Domain Management (10)

How to Remove, Add, Edit Addon Domain, Parked Domains & Redirect Domain

Domain Registration (6)

Why choose Yocta as a domain name Registrars & How to set up a website domain and hosting

Email (11)

How to create email, Access Email, How to Forward Email, etc

Email Hosting (8)

What is Email Hosting,Email hosting service for a startup ,colleges/universities

Firewall (2)

Firewall: One Of The Crucial Aspect Of The Online Safety

FTP (4)

How to Create, Delete, Manage cPanel FTP Account

Mail Filters & SPAM (8)

Boxtrap, SpamAssassin, Mail Filter - Prevent Spam.

Mobile (11)

Tutorial for setting up email on iOS Apple/Android, etc

Others (4)

How to Fix Errors, Create Friendly URL, Page Redirect, etc

Reseller Linux Hosting (8)

What is reseller Linux hosting ,Advantages of Yocta Reseller Hosting & How to Earn good Money With Reseller Hosting

Security (10)

Password Protected Directory, IP Blacklist, Hotlink Protection, etc

SEO (3)

What is SEO ,Why Yocta's SEO is good for your business & Why search engine optimization is important for website

SiteWorx (Control Panel) (62)

Tutorials on SiteWorx Control Panel, SiteWorx Softaculous, etc.

SMO (3)

What is SMO, How it works & why Yocta's SMO is good for your business and its advantages

Softaculous (32)

Tutorials for Softaculous Auto-Installer Software (cPanel)

VPS (7)

What is VPS ,Features , VPS servers management levels & Why do we need a VPS server for blog

Web Designing (5)

Why choose Yocta for web designing,Tricks For Designing An Effective website which attracts the customers

Web Hosting (18)

Everything You Need To Know About best Web Hosting & Web Hosting Tricks and Tips 2019


What is Yocta and Yocta's all IT services & their advantages

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